Piano/Safe/Furniture Move

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Piano Move

Our team of professional movers are equipped with rich knowledge and skills to move a piano, be it digital, upright, baby grand or even grand piano! They have more than 15 years in the industry and perhaps had move more pianos than we had lay fingers on.

The rich experience that they are immerse in, will ensure your piano is handled professionally and perfectly!

Safe Mover

Moving a safe is never easy especially with the weight of it. Here at Cheap Move Services, we ensure your safe is handled only by professional movers. They are equipped with the right tools and industry-standard techniques to move a safe no matter how heavy it is. 

Our movers had ever dealt with a safe that weighs over a ton!

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Furniture Move

Do you need somebody to move a piece of furniture for you? No worries! Cheap Move Services got you covered! We handle all kinds of move, big or small for you! 

All our team of movers are equipped with the skills to do dismantling and assembling of whatever furniture! Unless you silicon-ed it.

Hit us up if you are looking for somebody to move just a storage bedframe, a wardrobe, or even just a table! Cheap Move Services got you covered.